Annoying little things with Documentum

More often than not, the bugs (uncritical) encountered by QA are retained in the product, than push the release date. Seldom, its also the case that QA doesn’t account for certain test cases trying to keep up with the ever growing features of the product. Here are some annoying little details that I ran into in the last couple weeks alone, with Documentum suite of products

  1. When you open a docapp using App Builder, the application consistently hides behind another window.
  2. BPM activity for attribute mapping (DB or WS mapping) –> view/edit of the activity looks exactly the same and wouldn’t know the difference unless you try and double click an item in the screen.
  3. Update LDAP config id from DA in a brand new setup – it doesn’t always update the dm_ldap_config table
  4. If I delete an attribute for a type, using DA/App-builder, the respective table’s column is not removed in DB. If I do the exact same steps with a “type” itself, the DB table is removed?
  5. Go to the screen where you could add audit events from DA and click on “100”, to list the auditable events and there is no scroll bar?
  6. The Action event for “File–>View” and “click on object” are “view”. While the former understands scope, the latter doesn’t?
  7. Sometimes with the App builder, when you are trying to add a TBO, it refuses to take the new JAR complaining that the JAR is already selected (while its clearly not, from the UI). Restarting the App builder is the only way to resolve this issue.
  8. Returning to VDM component in Webtop, when you made an update to the child using a custom component, takes you by default to the old version of the VD in VDM.
  9. Last but not the least, Power link promptly becomes unavailable when you most need it

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