FAST is fast gone

I was at the EMC world today and it was quite productive. I noticed Pie covered the keynote session well but couldn’t make it for Victor’s session. I tried myself to get to Victor’s session as soon as I could (ran into a buddy of mine on the way and lost some precious time) but was able to listen to the session standing. Here’re some notes:

  • The apps built using xCP will be have run-time performance optimization module in 2.0 (sometime EOY 2011)
  • Future of full-text (DSS) will be built upon xDB using indices held in Lucene (FAST will become history)
  • DSS will have native security
  • CMIS will be supported in 6.7 or later (meaning, you can open a Production powerlink ticket)
  • NULL value in an attribute is not really “null” (“0” bytes) but it will be in D6.6
  • DQL will support inline view queries
  • DQL will support pagination
  • The next versions of CS will have the ability to choose ATMOS as one of the stores
  • JMS fail-over support in the next version
  • DMS fail-over support in the next version
  • for non-java shops
  • Kerberos support in the next version
  • Last but not the least, xDB will replace RDBMS altogether some time in the future!

If you folks want to connect and catch a beer in the evening, please send me a note – mailme (at) sumanthmolakala (dot) com

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