Sharepoint/Documentum: Today and tomorrow…

Its always interesting when a company as big as Microsoft makes it way into a new niche and the leader in that domain accommodates to co-exist. Make no mistake, its a strategic move from both sides but the challenge is to help our customers strategize ECM solutions keeping long-term in mind. This is my $0.02 to understand where we are heading and how to plan for it.

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What's new in D6

Here are some hot new features in D6. Please feel free to share if you know more

  • ACS/BOCS server can write content to a repository, either synchronously or asynchronously. Writing content synchronously ensures that all users at all network locations have immediate access to the content. Writing content asynchronously improves the performance of import and check-in operations, because remote users do not need to wait for the content to be uploaded to the central site. And Content can be pre-cached on BOCS servers using new BOCS caching jobs.
  • DA can be used to gather key statistics about cache requests and monitor status of the ACS and BOCS servers

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XML – the heart of the future CMS Infrastructure

Content, by definition, is difficult to categorize and provide structure; and XML technology, by definition, is a general-purpose markup language and is classified as an extensible language because it allows its users to define their own tags. The flexibility offered by XML technology makes it a natural fit for the complexity posed by the Content Management Systems.

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Free-Form Taxonomy

When designing Content Management System for an organization, the architects inevitably spend time designing the Taxonomy for the content. It is enormously important from the business stand point to organize the content to be able to logically access it the way we would find paper based files in the huge locked away cabinets (this very line exposes the disconnect).

Now, I am here to question the ROI on this.

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