Passing custom values to Captiva Completion Module in 7.5

I recently was wrestling with migrating a 6.5 Captiva InputAccel process into 7.5 environment and had to figure out how I could manipulate custom values and pre-fill them for Index operators using Completion modules. Assuming the reader has the basic development knowledge with the new Captiva version (using UIM data etc), here’s a break down so we don’t have to re-invent the wheel. I hope it goes without saying that, at this point in time, the EMC documentation is still in its infancy.

First thing first. Before you attempt to assign a value to the document type that’s associated to a process, set the UimDataImportMode

Setting UimDataImportMode

Now that the import mode has been set, you are free to access any UIM data element from the document types. As an example:

Setting static val

Although static values work great for prototyping, in the real world, you are most likely dealing with custom values which are set while passing through various modules at different levels. Just like in 6.5, where you could map the custom values to the respective index fields through Index Module settings, in 7.5 you’d set the custom values to the document type associated to the process through the Assign Values dialog.

Let’s define an attribute for document type to help define a simple use case.

Define doc type attr

The idea is to use a custom value that would be manipulated earlier in the process through different module (OCR, Barcode, or dotNET etc.). To make this slightly more interesting, let that have happened at level-6 (document type level being 1). Meaning, a custom value on level-6 which carries a value that needs to be passed to the Completion module for the Index user to review and accept.

Define Custom Val

Now, to present the Index user in Completion module with the custom value, we simply assign the custom value @ level-6 to document type attribute @ level1 that we defined earlier, keeping in mind that DT_Field1 is the field where the Index user is expecting to see this value.

Setting Custom Val to Doc type

Lastly, be sure to verify the Completion Module settings

Module configuration

Let’s connect the dots:

Define the process:


Configure Assign Values dialog post-Scan module:

Scan Assign Values Dialog

Configure Assign Values dialog pre-Completion module:

All assignments

Finally the results:




2 Responses to Passing custom values to Captiva Completion Module in 7.5

  1. Hi! I’m having an issue when trying to assign a CUSTOM_VALUE from a DOCUMENT TYPE field, what do you think is happening? Basically what I’m trying to do is the following:

    Assign to CustomValues:7.CUSTOM_PC_01_NUMERIC the value FIRST_CAPTURE:1.$Runtime.InUimData_PC_01_NUMERIC

    This is not working at all, but, when I assign a static value:

    Assign to CustomValues:7.CUSTOM_PC_01_NUMERIC the value “SOMETHING” is working like a charm!

    any clue?

    BTW it is a great tutorial!

    • It’s that simple, really. I presume you set the UimDataImportMode before you assigned the value. Additionally, (I don’t have access to the system with me right now), if you look at the values batch values, you should be able to see the entire UIMData string… and I’d be curious to see if the uimdata has the value in the first place. Good luck.

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