Performance with DTS (Document Transformation Services)

Anybody who worked with Documentum’s DTS know that it comes with variety of issues. One of the challenging ones I had to face was to do with performance. Here are some pointers that I learnt from this process:

DTS is multi-threaded:

Its exciting to know that DTS is multi-threaded and that it can take advantage of a dual CPU Servers. But listen to this – threading is limited by the plug-in and/or application being used to perform the transformation. If there are 2 documents being processed by DTS and they both use the same plug-in or application, then the processing is *serial*. If they use different plug-ins and applications, then the processing is concurrent. With MS format documents dominating in numbers in most organizations, multi-threading is not truly used.

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LDAP Documentum debugging techniques

Its always been a challenge to debug LDAP-Documentum integration in any given Documentum implementation. This article is put together to share some of the debugging techniques I used over time to identify and resolve the related issues.

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