Can I ping a docbroker?

Often times it becomes necessary to know which Docbases a Docbroker is aware of. One of the typical scenario’s that this becomes necesssary is when you are at a client’s site and the connection to docbase is not happening and you need to be doubly sure that the docbroker is not just up, but it knows of the docbase you want to connect to. And ofcourse, if you need any health check scripts, this comes handy.

dmqdocbroker: This is it. And here’s the usage:

usage: dmqdocbroker [-h[elp]]
usage: dmqdocbroker [-t[arget_host] ] -i[nteractive] -p[ort]

usage: dmqdocbroker [-t[arget_host] ] [-a[cs_map]] [-s[ilent]] -c[ommand] -p[ort]query>
where :


Specifies to look for a Servermap (or Docbasemap) of ACS servers rather than Content Servers
Specifies non-verbose output; suitable for programattic use.
Specifies the host for the docbroker. Defaults to the current host when not set.
Invokes the menu driven interactive interface.
-c[ommand] ping
Attempts to connect to the Docbroker.
-c[ommand] getdocbasemap
Fetches a map of all Docbases registered with the DocBroker
-c[ommand] getservermap
Fetches a map of all servers (either ACS or CS servers, depending on the -a flag) for the specified Docbase from the


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