Performance with DTS (Document Transformation Services)

Anybody who worked with Documentum’s DTS know that it comes with variety of issues. One of the challenging ones I had to face was to do with performance. Here are some pointers that I learnt from this process:

DTS is multi-threaded:

Its exciting to know that DTS is multi-threaded and that it can take advantage of a dual CPU Servers. But listen to this – threading is limited by the plug-in and/or application being used to perform the transformation. If there are 2 documents being processed by DTS and they both use the same plug-in or application, then the processing is *serial*. If they use different plug-ins and applications, then the processing is concurrent. With MS format documents dominating in numbers in most organizations, multi-threading is not truly used.

Critical Attributes which contribute to the performance:

maxQueueItemsToSignOff: this is the maximum number of items that a DTS instance will lock on the queue for processing during a given polling session. This really should be based on the types of documents being committed and average queue depth when processing a full load (provided the queue is not backing up). This value should be the average queue depth divided by the number of instances of DTS we are running. If we had a wider variety of document types, then we could add that to the factor as well

queueInterval – The amount of time to wait between polling the queue for requests

maxThreads – maximum number of threads to be instantiated during DTS processing

thresholdForQueueItemsToSignOff – When polling the queue, if the number of items signed off by the current DTS instance is less than this threshold then the DTS instance will signoff on as many messages as it can up to the maxQueueItemsToSignOff value.

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